How to: Kitchen Door Sign
February 7, 2011, 9:00 am
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My new apartment building was built in 1927 and is full of lots of quirky features, both good (a super deep bathtub, perfect for long soaks) and bad (the COMPLETE LACK of electrical outlets in the bathroom). Since I can’t do anything about the bad, I decided to focus on the good. One of my favorite features is the swinging door that leads into my kitchen. I can just imagine myself pushing it open with my hip, my hands full of delicious food (the fact that I don’t cook is irrelevant… imaginary me is an amazing chef).

The upper half of the door is a big window, and I thought it would be cool to add a little interest with a window decal.

At first I thought about searching on Etsy for a cool decal, but then decided to make it a little more simple and stick with text. I figured I could do that on my own. I went to Office Depot, bought a pack of window decal paper and printed the word “EAT” on the first sheet.

Using an x-acto knife and a quilters ruler, I carefully cut out each letter. Being the nutso perfectionist that I am, this took a while.

Using the quilters ruler and a dry erase marker, I drew a straight line on the back side of the window, and marked the center.

I peeled the backing off the A and centered it on the line, then measured out and placed each of the other two letters.

Finally I cleaned the line off the back of the window, and done!

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super cute! thanks for sharing how you did it.

Comment by andrea

So fun & creative! I had no idea you could buy that kind of paper at the office supply store. Can’t wait to find a project to use it.

Also, love your blog in general. I will be bookmarking it!

Comment by Kerry Batty

[…] Some little “pick-me-up” notes using window decal paper and the technique I talked about here. […]

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What a fantastic idea! I love that you are living in an old place, my house is very old, also with a lot of “quirks” as you described it, (great word, so much better than old) I’m not fortunate enough to have a swinging door like you though, lucky girl!

Comment by Ginger

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