How to: Freezer Paper Stencil Pillow Cases
February 10, 2011, 9:00 am
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**Not feeling particularly crafty today? By popular demand, I am now selling these pillowcases in my Etsy shop!**

I came up with this idea a few months back, and had already purchased two inexpensive white pillow cases at Target. Being snowed in today, and knowing that this was a more in-depth project than some of the others I’ve done for Thing-a-Day so far, I thought it was a good chance to work on it.

I’ve used this technique many times before, on t-shirts, sweatshirts, onesies, etc. It works best on smooth fabric (I once tried it on fleece, and the paint bled quite a bit).

The first step is to pick your image and tape it to a surface you can cut on. The more simple the image, the better. In this case, I’m using retro eyeglasses images.

Next, cut a piece of freezer paper a bit bigger on all sides than your image. Tape it shiny side down over your image.

Using an x-acto knife, cut around your image, beginning with the interior cuts. Be sure to keep any interior pieces that you cut out. Remember that the image itself (the black parts) are what you will be throwing away. Anything that is white in your original image will be used to recreate that image later.

After your cuts are complete, place the negative image on your fabric. Using a hot iron with no steam, carefully iron over the stencil, focusing on the edges. Once the outer image is secure, place and iron in the interior pieces.

Now, usually I would use fabric paint for a project like this, but unfortunately, it wasn’t until this point in the process that I thought to check and see if I had and black left. And I didn’t. Luckily, I did have some cheap black craft paint, and it seems to have worked fine. Using a sponge or stippling brush, fill in your stencil. Depending on the color of your fabric and the color of your paint, it may take several coats. In this case, it only took one.

Once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel off the stencil. You can use the x-acto knife to get under the interior pieces.

I love how these look in my new bedroom!

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“His” and “Hers”…love it!!:)

Comment by Lori

Oh my goodness, these are so cute! great job and thanks for sharing.

Comment by andrea

Too cute! I’m jelass because the girl glasses look like my glasses! I need that pillow case!

Comment by Gwen

These pillows look fantastic! I saw them on the Project ReStyle Flickr group and decided to stop by and see how you did it. I love them:)

Comment by Kira

I love these pillow cases! What a great idea.

Comment by knittinginatree

[…] **The first image was inspired by her work. And, the glasses image was inspired by fellow thing-a-dayer’s his and hers pillow cases. […]

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Genius. I love it, definitely going to try this idea some time!

Comment by whoarethebrittons

I LOVE THESE! My hubby and I both wear glasses (similar to these) and I may need to make a set of these for our bed. I also love your new headboard!

Comment by Heidi S.

I LOVE these! Can you share the images with us. Is anyone making these and selling them?

Comment by Chrissy

Thanks, Chrissy! I actually just googled “vintage eyeglass frames” and found images I liked.

I’m starting to think maybe I SHOULD be making them and selling them!!😉

Comment by metalandmud

Do it! I’ll be your first customer!

Comment by Chrissy

Hi! I just saw your adorable DIY on Design Sponge today and I’m IN LOVE with these pillow cases! Is there any way that I could order them for a gift to my husband? If you’d be willing to make them for us, just email me how much it would be! Thanks so much!

Comment by Molly

ahhh these are super cute. saw you on design*sponge. love love love the pillows! what a great DIY:)

Comment by

Wow, those are SO CUTE!

PS: Found you via DesignSponge. :)


Comment by Heidi

These are terrific! I saw them in Design*Sponge & had to stop by & see the tutorial. Thanks for posting this!

Comment by Shelley

[…] The pillow cases above, also by Metal & Mud <-Link to tutorial. I would love to make his and her’s pillow cases that way. Photo from […]

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Neatest idea I’ve seen in a long time!


Comment by Ivy

So creative! I love your DIY’s I haven’t seen anything like them out there! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.
All the best,

Comment by Dianne

I love these!! Awesome idea!
I was wondering about the graphics.. would you post them so I could use them or sell them to me on your etsy page? I’d love to print these out and frame them.

Comment by Jo

I actually just did a quick google image search to find these. I think I searched “retro eyeglass frames.”

Good luck! Would love to see what you do with them!

Comment by metalandmud

[…] Via Design Sponge / Metal &  Mud […]

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[…] from:!/metalandmud […]

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[…] used some scrap blue fabric and sewed a 22″ square. Then I used the freezer paper technique and made a Grizzlies logo stencil (seriously, how cool is our logo?!?). Here are some progress pics […]

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I love these and wish I had time to try making them before a friend’s wedding shower! I saw that another poster asked if you’d be willing to make another pair for a fee; if you’d be willing to do so, please email me with your price, and I’d love to buy them! Many thanks. These are awesome!

Comment by Benay

Hi! These are beyond adorable. This may be a dumb question, but how do they wash? Does the paint fade/peel off in the washing machine?

Comment by katie

[…] something else. You may have noticed that the Stiffen Stuff projects have petered out. As have the freezer paper stencil […]

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These were so easy and so cute. Such a great idea I made a couple for my kitties too-

Comment by A

Love the kitty beds! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by metalandmud

These are so cute.

Comment by House Voyeur

Had to try this on my blog, but credited you, of course! Thanks so much!

Comment by Rose

I love these! I was wondering about the paint and how it was holding up. I’m on a 40 day fast from buying craft supplies (because I was going crazy!) and want to use the things I have before stupidly buying more. I only have white fabric paint and wanted to do something in black. How well does the average black craft acrylic paint hold up?


Comment by Kelly H.

The regular acrylic paint works great, as long as it’s something you wouldn’t have to wash. So if it’s a throw pillow, or something you could keep relatively clean without having to throw it in the washer, go for it! If it’s something you’ll want to wash regularly, I’d stick to fabric paint.

You CAN wash the acrylic paint (I’d give it at least a few weeks to really let it set first), but it fades and starts to look kind of worn/vintage. So if that’s the look you’re going for, the acrylic will work!

Comment by metalandmud

Thank you! That does helps a lot.:) I think the vintage-y look sounds cool.

Comment by Kelly H.

I am so interested in your eyeglasses template if you happen to have one. You are so good at everything you do. Love all your ideals. Thank you for yoiur time. Have a blessed day.

Comment by Shannon

Thanks! I just googled “retro eyeglasses” and picked a few images I liked!

Comment by metalandmud

[…] even better, Metal & Mud has a tutorial on how to make them on your own! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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wonderful idea! (: I’m trying to make it right now! but the freezer paper (stencil) doesn’t stick on the pillowcase with the iron =/ what to do?? SOS!!

Comment by anna

1) Are you sure you got freezer paper and not parchment paper?
2) if it’s definitely freezer paper, make sure you have the shiny side DOWN against the fabric.
3) Try turning up the iron a little. It may not be hot enough.

Comment by metalandmud

Cuteee! Just a question, how did you secure the interior pieces of the eyeglasses? Thanks :]

Comment by Claire

They are made from the freezer paper too, so they just iron on! I secured the outside section first, and then placed and ironed on the inner pieces.

Comment by metalandmud

Thanks so much!! I’m going to make pillows that say “bon” and “soir” on the other one. :]

Comment by Claire

Awesome! Come back and share pics when you’re done!

Comment by metalandmud

well i kinda of messed up a bit so i’m going to try again. :’) did you add something in between the pillowcase so it doesn’t bleed thru? also can you reuse the template?😀 also how long did you iron it for, mine bled thru at the edges just a little. sorry for all the questions but you’re so helpful! ♥

Comment by Claire

1. Depending on the thickness of your fabric, you may need a piece of cardboard or something between the layers. With a pillowcase, it would probably be a good idea. With thicker fabric, you won’t need it.

2. I’ve found I can reuse the template 2 additional times after the first. More than that and it will lose its ability to adhere to the fabric.

3. I usually hold the iron in place over each part of the stencil for 10 seconds. After that, I go back over any spots I think look loose. It’s hard to give an exact time because different fabrics will react differently. And it’s hard to get it to be 100% seepage free. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be PERFECT! It’s homemade… the imperfections are part of the charm!

Comment by metalandmud

[…] 12- Des oreillers et des coussins personnalisés! Wow! Je dois absolument me procurer de la teinture à tissu et essayer ça :) [Visitez ce site] […]

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