How to: Flock of Birds
March 31, 2011, 9:00 am
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This is going to be one of those “do what I say, not what I do” posts, because I realized a fairly large snafu about 1/2 way through the project! But I still think it turned out pretty cool, so I wanted to share it anyway!

Now that I’m feeling pretty good about most of the rooms in the apartment, I decided to do something about the large swaths of empty wall in the hallway. I’m not going to do a full tutorial, because I’m using the same technique as the bathroom door signs and the peephole owl. But here are some pics of the process.

The hallway, before.

Okay, here’s the DON’T DO THIS portion of the post. I used a really thin broadcloth cotton fabric. My first piece of advice is NOT to do that. First of all, it’s going to be a pain to peel these off when I’m sick of them. Stick with really thick uhpolstery or decorator fabric. Second, DO NOT iron directly on the wall. Since the fabric was so thin and the pieces were too small, there was too much of the iron actually against the wall. There’s definitely going to be some paint stickage when I’m peeling these off. Make sure you use a bigger, thicker piece of fabric between the iron and the wall (like in the last in progress picture below).

Don't do this!

Or this!


Or this!

There we go... THIS you can do. This picture came after a good deal of cursing and gnashing of teeth.

 I think I’m going to add a little more to the last section, but I ran out of birdies and my cramping hands would not allow me to cut out any more tonight! It looks a bit too uniform… I need to round it out on the bottom. I think it’s pretty fun! And it’s staying there for a while, because I don’t want to have to touch up the paint!

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That turned out pretty well I would say! Looks really nice.:)

Comment by Kaitlyn

this is so lovely! what a good idea.

Comment by mylittlepicturebook

I just started following your blog a few days ago, but I love what you do! I definitely need to try out some of this ironing fabric to walls wonderfulness.

Comment by Sarbear

This just sums up what I already knew:

1) you’re crazy crafty talented

2) you’re insane…who else would spend so much time cutting and ironing?!:)

Comment by Lori

Cool Idea*!

Comment by Delysid Ellise Burton


Comment by The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

What a fun idea! I love the sense of motion AND decoration these bring to your hallway — AWESOME!

Thank you for the inspiration.

Comment by Mikalee Byerman

My friends are looking for more unisex ideas to decorate their nursery. I plan to show them this.

Comment by Rufus' Food and Spirit Guide

This is really awesome!! I can’t let my 8 year old cousin see this post though lol he may get some ideas!!

Comment by Lakia Gordon

This is very creative!:-)

Comment by The Ramblings of a Demented Mind

I love that! What a great idea1

Comment by artbychiana

Love the way those b’ful birds are ascending as we progress through the hallway…kinda cheers up the mood!😀

Congrats on FP!

Comment by Ayush

Yea, my thoughts exactly. I like how they kinda seem to be moving as you go through the hallway.

Comment by Mr.FuzzyBear


Comment by beckyyk

I love these. They actually are incredibly similar to the bird silhouettes I have over my television in my living room. I bought mine at target a while back, and I A: wish the package I got had come with more birds, and B: wish I had spent less on them. Your idea= superior to dumb target birds.❤

Comment by Kate Wall

Hey this is so cool!

Comment by pinoyleonardo

Very nice Crafty Lady! I don’t know if I’d have the patience…

Comment by Evie Garone


Comment by ecologique design

Pretty cool idea, just buying my first house, and I am so excited for the decorating… you have given me a new idea to add to my pile of ideas.

Comment by agirlajeepandahouse

Wow, that’s a great idea. Clever!

Comment by Moona

Butterflies too. With some stalks of something for a very sparse background which would be the first layer.

Comment by carldagostino

You have a wonderful blog with lots of great ideas! Cheers!

Comment by Ginger

Oh, thanks for the excellent idea! I took a paper cutting class years and years ago. I think it was Chinese paper cutting. Anyway, this gives me an idea to decorate our walls here. But not with birds. I’m thinking a whole panorama of the Trojan war. Cut-out Greeks and Trojans doing battle. Wow. Thanks for the inspiration!

Comment by James Lee

Such a cute idea!

Comment by louisesmithers

I really love this and the way it turned out.

Comment by Jackie Paulson 1966

wow that’s cool, this is one idea i could really put into use for my room! thanks for sharing!:)

Comment by Margarita

That’s awesome. I love it.

Comment by corzgalore

Oo…cool)))…. but if I do it on my wall in my house … YAP, my mom would have killed me already)

Comment by k@tya

You are so creative and crafty!

Comment by Jackie Paulson 1966

Creative, cool and beautiful design:)

Comment by whatsaysyou

Very innovative DIY work!

Comment by sajeev kumar menon

Cool idea! I like your creativity to decorate your hallway with a flock of birds flying along the wall. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by zookyshirts


Comment by auctionprojapan

yr blog has something creative to it……impressive !!!

Comment by arunima1997

I wish I had the time and the patience to do things like that.

Comment by myfilthyroom

Really great post, thanks for sharing!!!

Comment by sketchjay

Very, very cool! Thanks for sharing it!

Comment by accidentalstepmom

Nice! I can picture those on a stairway. Maybe both sides! Congrats on being FP!

Comment by Harold

Great idea! Thanks!

Comment by venajensen

This is such a cool idea. Gave my gf and I some new crafty ideas. Thanks!

Comment by dashment21

Brilliant, and you have such a tidy hallway!:)

Comment by featheredfiends

I really liked it, I think it made the hallway more interesting.

it’s also gave me an idea for my room…

Comment by EvergreenDoll

Okay, that is just cool! So any thick fabric will do? I think I might do this with cherry blossoms in my bedroom…and wisteria in my daughters’ room. And…something else…in my boys’ room. Oh my goodness, the possibilities! I also checked out the peephole owl. A-freaking-dorable!

Congrats on being freshly pressed! You deserve it.

Comment by faerylandmom

I think that I might try this:)

Comment by JJ

You definitely are very crafty! The birds are very inspirational. It really does bring warmth to the hallway. It’s a bit like bringing the outdoors inside. By the way, I just started my own blog. I officially have one post, but no comments yet. I wrote about “nature” here in Florida. I do hope you get a chance to stop by for a visit.

Comment by wordswithpurpose

Wow! That looks beautiful. I’ll have to try this!

Comment by Kas

What a cool idea!

Comment by jannieh

Well that’s something nice. Creative idea. Is that a special sticker or wall sticker?

Comment by joshuadesign

No, it’s just fabric. The spray I used makes it stick to the wall.

Comment by metalandmud

That is perfect in a hallway!!! Congrats and serious props for such an artsy idea!

Comment by artfashionandhim

Looks sweet!

Comment by We are Famous

what a creative decorating idea! I can’t wait to check out some of your other posts!

Comment by mybakingempire

Fantastic idea! Simple and special ; )

Comment by Klaudia

it was really cool.
it is infact..!
i would love to do this in my room…:-)
any ways thanx for sharing…
and i would love if u come up wid a few more creative ideas….!!!

Comment by patsjain

Just . . . no. Sorry. Gag.

Comment by jumami1

That’s pretty artistic. I think walls are a bit tricky though – maybe in something like a plain tablecloth would be better.

Comment by leadinglight

Hi. I ran across your blog via wordpress. You’ve got some great ideas and AMAZING talent. I’ve added you to my blogroll at Thanks for sharing your talents!

Comment by artventure365

i am in love with it :))))

sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Comment by aizhannur

FINALLY…..I now know what the heck a “flock” of birds are.

Comment by misfit120

I love this. I have some plastic birds that attach to the wall via some sort of tack – but I hate that they leave holes in the wall. This project would be a perfect replacement for those hole-making birds!

Comment by Madam Energy

Wow! This is exactly what I have been looking for. A great way to get fabric to stick to a wall. It looks beautiful.

Comment by Kelly

looks very cute and gives the space a nice touch… thinking about doing it in my room nice really nice.

Comment by stefany casinsky

Looks gorgeous!

Comment by Pearl (Crunch and Chew)

That’s simple and creative. And funny thing is, I was just reading about Robert Franklin Stroud.

Comment by flyingunibrow

This is nice. Beautiful flocks of birds on the wall? Dynamic. I’m thinking of sticking the birds using doubletape instead :p (hehe… it will ruin the paint on the wall :p)

Comment by batikmania

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with your readers. This is actually something that is so awesome and creative. It is also something that is fun,simple, and easy that the entire family can do together.

Comment by nesha

nice post

Comment by svprashanth

Very creative.

Comment by sanammirchandani

Aww! What a cute flock of birds! So creative… I would’ve never thought of that myself….

Comment by I Made You A Mixtape

ooo great post and pics i really like i t

Comment by vustudents


Comment by elegantbarbershop

I am going to attempt to do something like this is my bedroom. Its a great idea.


Comment by piggyboots

That is some crazy talent you got there!😀

Comment by Pagan Flow


Comment by honey


Comment by Calogero Mira

so great :X

Comment by Nguyenngoclien

Very good idea!:)

Comment by staroad

you are very good!
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Comment by p90xhomefitness

wow this is lovely! they’re about to fly to my place too. hehe:)

Comment by arisawake

I am going to attempt to do something like this is my bedroom. Its a great idea.


Comment by Toyota, โตโยต้า, รถยนต์โตโยต้า, ราคารถยนต์โตโยต้า

Beautiful and simple. Nice job!

Comment by Crystal

Quite entertaining! I look forward to all the imaginative things my daughter will do in the days to come. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed! I love all the things I’ve read about the kids.

Comment by casual shoes manufacturer, sandals manufacturer, safety shoes manufacturer

looks very cute and gives the space a nice touch… thinking about doing it in my room nice really nice.

Comment by ตั๋วเครื่องบินราคาถูก,จองตั๋วเครื่องบิน,ตั๋วเครื่องบิน

I’m wondering. Could I use mod podge or laundry starch to apply to the wall..Your headboard project is what first brought me here, a rich source of inspiring ideas.

Comment by kathy

I added you to my blog buddies so others could see such fun and creative work-:) Jackie

Comment by Jackie Paulson Author

[…] a million different projects, then move on to something else. You may have noticed that the Stiffen Stuff projects have petered out. As have the freezer paper stencil […]

Pingback by My New Favorite Art Supply «

This is an amazing idea. Do you know if this method works with bigger shapes? Thanks.

Comment by SnapitStitchitStickit: Rebekah

Yes! I did a whole headboard using this technique!

Comment by metalandmud

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