How to: Grocery Bags
April 11, 2011, 9:00 am
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I first made two of these grocery/tote bags for myself a few years ago, and have made several more for family and friends since then. Because they are made from one piece of fabric, they are sturdy enough to handle any load of groceries. I always tell people, “if you can lift it, this bag can handle it!” It’s also nice and roomy, so I can generally fit all of my groceries into two bags with no problem.

For this project, you’ll need:
50″ x 23″ piece of sturdy fabric
120″ of Cotton Webbing (color and width of your choice)

Step 1: Fold your fabric in 1/2 (making a 25″ x 23″ double width) and iron.

Step 2: Bring the 2 ends of your webbing together, and sew back and forth until they are securely joined together. This will not look pretty when you’re done, but it will be on the bottom of the bag.

Step 3: Fold the webbing in 1/2 at the spot you just sewed. Mark the fold on the other side with a pin.

Step 4: Open your fabric on a flat surface, with the right side facing up. At the fold, measure 7″ in from the edge, and pin the webbing to the fabric at the spot you pinned in Step 3. On the other side, pin the sewn spot to the fabric 7″ from the edge as well.

Step 5: Every few inches, pin the webbing to the fabric, 7″ from the edge. Repeat on the other side. The last pins on the top and bottom should be 4″ from the top/bottom of the fabric.

Step 6: Sew the webbing to the fabric, stopping at the last pin at the top and bottom.

Step 7: Fold the fabric back in half, with right sides together. Pin the sides together, then sew up each side.

Step 8: Leaving the bag inside out, fold down the top edge about 3″ and iron. Then fold the edge under again, leaving about a 1.5″ hem. Sew around the top an inch down from the upper edge.

Step 9: With the bag still inside out, flatten each corner by meeting up the side hem to the bottom crease. Draw a line 3 1/2″ from the point (the line should be 7″ long). Sew along the line.

Step 10: Turn the bag right side out. Create a fold from one end of the 7″ seam you just sewed to the top of the bag by measuring 3 1/2″ out from the seam. Flip the bag and repeat, then do the same on the other side.

Here is what it will look like at this point:

Step 11: Flatten out the bottom of your bag, then fold the center seam back into the middle.

Step 12: Iron the bottom down flat.


So, this is the 2nd sewing project I’ve posted, and I’ve learned it’s REALLY difficult to explain how to sew something! If you have any questions, or if anything is unclear, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better!

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Looks good, Sara. Love the fabric!

Comment by Faye Schmidle

I love the fabric! Lovely colors. I would love to try this one!

Comment by Kaitlyn

Thank you. This was really easy and quick to make. And it looks great.

Comment by karien

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