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April 13, 2011, 9:00 am
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Yes, my first giveaway is from my very own Etsy shop, Metal and Mud! I’m giving away any 1 piece of jewelry, valued up to $17. So take a look around the shop, then leave me a comment telling me your favorite piece, and I’ll randomly choose a winner from among the commenters on Monday, April 18th!


**EDIT: Just a quick reminder! This giveaway is for 1 piece of JEWELRY. Be sure to pick your favorite item from the jewelry section only to be included in the random drawing!!**

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Bloody love the bird cage pendant. Its lush!

Comment by piggyboots

Love the “Laugh Often & Much” pendant!

Comment by allison

I like the wing. It speaks for itself and says so much about the wearer. An intriguing piece of simplicity yet so pregnant with meaning.

Comment by carldagostino

Magnets! Magnets! They’re all so perfectly adorable and lovely. Esp. love the Golden Gate Bridge, the strawberry, the chandelier and the fountain.

Comment by Maayan

I adore the birdcage necklace!

Comment by April R Williams

I love all the tiny charms, especially the ones with leaves.

Comment by Francescaroo

The Stand Close to the Edge pendant is my favorite!

Comment by Mel P

I would get the oval key pendant. Marvelous!!

Comment by Paulina J!

I love your work especially the peephole owl:) My favourite pendant is the “begin anywhere”.

Comment by Viktória

Everything is beautiful, but the “traveler” is my favorite – would be a reminder of what I need to be more often!

Comment by Nicora

Your ceramic work is beautifully crafted. I especially enjoy the “Live Deliberately” pendant. I fully believe this idea and try to live it everyday. I find that if you go through life with purpose you will find it all the more rewarding and gain experiences you never would have gotten otherwise.

Comment by Martha

Live Deliberately. I recently moved away from Memphis for a job. That phrase on the pendant hit me. It inspired me. I left what I love to pursue a career. I started over by myself. It’s been the most challenging time in my life, but that’s why I’m doing it.I’m trying to “Live Deliberately.”

Comment by Nikki

I absolutely love the Traveler pendant.It aptly describes every human being on this earth.I have been eying this pendant for a while and wouldn’t you love for your piece of art to be seen in India:)

Comment by Pralika

Too hard to pick, I love everything!:) But I have settled on the Dream – Small Ceramic Pendant (the more elongated one)

Comment by Christine

D-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l….as always! In May I’ll be retiring from a long career of teaching Kindergarten kiddos (love them!), in early June I’ll turn 61, and later that month I’ll be having some very scary surgery to remove a fairly large tumor that is growing right on my spinal cord. Upon recovery, and my husbands retirement the following summer, we plan to sell our home of over 30 years in CO (we look out on Pike’s Peak) and move to Austin, TX. There I plan to open an art school for little ones and their moms/dads. I do believe that your lil piece w/ “follow your dreams / transform your life” written on it is a perfect fit for me and my life right now and in the future. It’s wonderful!! I’d soooo love to win this!

Comment by annalucia

‘stand close to the edge’ is my favorite!

Comment by Kimberlee

Isn’t “Blog Candy” fun?

Comment by Lori

I think my favorite is the wing ceramic pendant. Lovely stuff!

Comment by Kaitlyn

ah.. Robert Frost: Freedom lies in being bold. My whole world evolves around that quote. It can also get you into some trouble.
ps: I read your blog every day at work. It’s my eye candy.

Comment by Grace

my favorite is the fountain ceramic magnet. it reminds me of our wedding in san juan capistrano in 2010.

Comment by torrie

Oh, wow, I love your shop! I think the “Live Deliberately” pendant is my favorite, but it was close. You have so many lovely things to choose from.

Comment by Théa

My favorite is the birdcage pendent.:)

Comment by Sarbear

Oh, it’s a tie between the Lost plate and the Flicker ceramic box. I’d have a tough time deciding. Both are really amazing. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Comment by Smallgood

Hope is All! is my favorite! This saying has helped me stay strong many times!

And I also hope you pick me!

Comment by viktoriaf

I love the birdcage pendant. I’ve recently discovered your blog, I love it!

Comment by Katherine

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The flower pendant that says “Love” is so cute. I work with Suzanne and she just sent me the link to your blog… I love it!:)

Comment by Colleen Hogue

I absolutely adore the “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” plate. Wow, what a great thought! Sometimes we hold ourselves back and this plate is a great reminder that we could really get up and do some good things!

Comment by Wendi

The Birdcage pendant is my favorite, although I really like them all. Your work is amazing and beautiful. I just love the intricate detail on the birdcage and think it is beautiful! I do hope I win!! Blessings to you in all you do!

Comment by Becky Stillions

The tiny round “dream” charm is my favorite.

Comment by attentionreader

What, I have to PICK?!:) I really like the red “Dwell in Possibility” pendant!

Comment by whoarethebrittons

“Freedom lies in being bold” as this speaks to me – I am at the cross roads of venturing into new possibilities, i somehow cannot get out of the holding pattern of thinking thinking tinking and not taking the next step of doing. I know i need to be bold and just take that first step, as the possibilities ahead are endless – i just need to take a leap into the unkown, and i am finding that hard!

Comment by mysnapshotsintimebykerry

I absolutely love the ceramic pieces. So many wonderful words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing your craft. I am an art teacher who just moved to the Memphis area and excited to learn more about the art scene here. My favorite piece is the “Freedom lies in being bold” pendant. Why? It is truth.

Comment by EarthDelights

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I love the “Dream – Small Ceramic Pendant”
so lovely!:)

Comment by Heather Lynne

My taste in jewelry tends towards smaller pieces so I think the flower and leaf charm is my favorite, but I love the color on those red pieces. I hope you’ll consider doing some of the small charms in red sometime!

Comment by Whitney

Love don’t hide the madness, we are all a little mad here. ;o)

Comment by upstatedream

Your pieces are all so beautiful, and I love your blog. I especially love the gorgeous red pendants, but if I won I’d probably choose the white “no limits but the sky” and give it to my 15 year old daughter.

Comment by ASuburbanLife

Im in love with the “follow your bliss ” pendent, I’ve actually been meaning to contact you. I would really love your pendants, with the sayings on them, as gifts for my bridesmaids. So I would want 6 (plus one for me:-)) but I wanted to make sure the sayings I wanted would still be available when I’m ready to order them.. please email me at or contact me via blog:)

Comment by ladyemmy

I love ceramics jewels! I really like the wing ceramic pendant,just perfect to wear for this summer! Thanks for your giveaway.

Comment by Audrey

♥ Hope Is ALL ♥ I love that pincrest thingy, just requested to join it. Way cool. I love give aways.

Comment by Jackie Paulson 1966

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