How to: Fabric Covered Box
February 8, 2012, 9:00 am
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For Christmas this year, my parents gave me a Wii. I absolutely love it (especially the Wii Fit), but I’m not a huge fan of having the controllers laying out all of the time. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a box for them, so I decided to just make one myself instead!

For this project, you will need:
a small cardboard box with a lid
fabric scissors
a straight edge of some sort (I used a long ruler)
spray adhesive.

First, iron your fabric and place it face down on your work surface. Place the bottom of your box on the fabric, making sure you have enough fabric to wrap up the sides and back down into the box.

Draw around the box, then take your straight edge and extend the lines to the end of the fabric.

From each of the four corners, draw a one inch diagonal line in the direction of the edge of the fabric, then extend the lines, parallel with your original lines, to the edge.

When you’re done, your fabric should look like this.

Cut along the outer lines, including the diagonals.

Your fabric will now look like a cross. Choose two opposite sections, and fold the flaps in along the original lines and iron them down.

Your fabric will now look like this.

Following the directions on the can, apply the spray adhesive to the fabric.

Place your box in the middle of the fabric, using your original square as a guide.

Next you will fold over the side that you did NOT iron down. Tuck the overlap into the corners as neatly as you can.

Next, fold over the other two sections.

If you would like, you can finish off the bottom of the box using a piece of cardboard or non-fray fabric cut to the exact size of the inside of the box. I used some felt I found in my fabric stash.

Now, you will follow the same steps again using the top of the box. And that’s it! Your newly covered box is done!

Well,I obviously haven’t perfected the photo situation in my new digs yet, but I’m working on it! Hope you’ll all bear with me until I get the kinks worked out!

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I like it, Sara. Dad wants me to make something to hold all the remotes. I’ll have to give this idea some thought!

Comment by Faye Schmidle

thanks for going through the pattern. I have had the pattern almost working but what you went over gave me the more finished look I want.

Comment by Bonnie

I’ve looked at several tutorials on how to wrap a box in fabric and yours is the clearest by far. Thanks!

Comment by Patti Postell

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