EAT Wall Art
July 3, 2012, 8:00 am
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My little sister moved into a new apartment back in January. Around the same time, I saw this super cool yarn art idea on Pinterest. It only took 6 months, but we finally got around to giving it a shot this weekend.

We used only supplies we had on hand. Her kitchen is purple and grey, so we used some purple yarn she already had lying around from a 1/2 finished blanket. I wasn’t sure about the bumpy yarn, but it turned out really cool (I do still like the clean look of the regular yarn, though). In addition to what is pictured below, we also used a large quilting ruler to get the angles right.

Here is the space before. It’s right above the sink.

We didn’t really think this through quite as thoroughly as the original blogger did, but it all worked out in the end. First, we measured the amount of space we had available, and figured out exactly how wide each letter should be. Then we marked out the four corners of each letter. We decided our letters would be 2″ thick.

Next we hammered in the four outside nails for the “E.” Like I said, not much planning ahead, so we just measured and nailed as we went along. Since I didn’t get a good picture of the nails, here is a diagram of where they were:

Basically, there should be a nail anywhere the yarn needs to make a turn. We started with just the “E” to make sure we even liked the idea before doing the rest of the measuring and nailing.

We dug it.

So we finished wrapping the E, going around the nails 8 times. We were lucky in that the wall got weirdly hard about an inch in, so we didn’t have to worry about getting the nails even. They all stopped at the same point.

We moved on to the “A” and then the “T.”

And all done! The whole project took a couple of hours, and it was definitely easier having a helping hand to unroll the yarn, hold the ruler and level, etc.

Suzy likes it!

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That’s so COOOOOOOL! you did a great job, and used a small space so creatively!
xoxox mrs. C from Brick:)

Comment by j. cook

Thanks Mrs. Cook!

Comment by metalandmud

I really like that! I wish I had just a DROP of your creativity!=)

Comment by Marisa Strauss

Thanks, Marisa!

Comment by metalandmud

Add spray starch, take out the nails… or… add some gems to head of nails… ??:-)

Comment by sweetb

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