Painted Keepsake Box
October 17, 2011, 9:00 am
Filed under: Before and (Cr)after

In most regards, I’m not a pack rat. Goodwill has received more than its fair share of out of date clothing, duplicate kitchen supplies and formerly loved decor items from me. The one thing that I do tend to hold on to are event mementos. Ticket stubs, wristbands, programs, maps. Those I can’t seem to get rid of, and right now they’re accumulating on the desk in my guest room.

This cheap pressed-wood box was on its way to the trash can, when I realized it might be a perfect place to keep those mementos. Of course, I would have to spruce it up a bit first.

First, I measured in 1.5″ from each side of the box and marked it with a white dressmakers pencil.

Next, I taped along the lines I drew, along the top and down the sides.

My first thought was to paint it with acrylic paint, but that was taking forever. Even after several coats, I could still see the brown through the white paint.

So I ran to Home Depot and bought some high-gloss spray paint.

The next day, when the paint was completely dry, I removed the tape.

I used a dark brown Sharpie to cover up where the paint bled beneath the tape.

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