Push Pin Art
March 30, 2012, 9:27 am
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As with the vast majority of my projects lately, this one was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I thought this thumbtack wall design was just about the coolest thing ever, and wanted to make a housewarming gift for my little sister based on the idea. Since I figured she wouldn’t like it much if I went over and put 1000 tiny holes in the walls of her new apartment, I decided to make a smaller framed version.

I bought a large, cheap frame at Michaels and took out the glass. I then measured a piece of foam board to fit the frame.

Next I sketched out the design lightly in pencil.

Finally, I started pinning. This will do a number on your fingers! They were sore for days. Plus, I ended up not liking the original design and started over, and the process of taking OUT the pins was even worse!!

But I think the end result is pretty cool! It took about 500-600 thumbtacks, which I bought at the dollar store is packages of 300. Buy about twice what you think you’ll need. I had to go back a few times because I ran out!

I was pretty happy with the finished product, and my sister loved it! We’re going to use it as the focal point of a gallery wall in her new place.

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So cool!

Comment by fuzzybrewmike

I heart it and I heart my sister!! Thank you Sara!!!

Comment by 52booksayear

Love it, Sara. Can’t wait to see it and Suzy’s new place.

Comment by Faye Schmidle

I absolutely adore this!! Thanks for the tutorial ❤

Comment by underestimatedmom

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Hi… What size frame is this ?

Comment by Cassie

It’s about 12 x 36.” It was originally a collage frame, but I took the mat and glass out. You can use any size frame you’d like!

Comment by metalandmud

Came out fantastic!!

Comment by They Call Me Crafty

This is so cute! I might have to try doing this!

Comment by Shay. R.

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Do you put the glass back on the frame? Or leave it off

Comment by holly beard

Nope, no glass!

Comment by metalandmud

Would a thimble on a finger make it easier to push in the pins & spare your fingertips? Or maybe one of those rubber fingertips I used when I worked in an office sorting papers and counting money? I soooo have to give this craft a try! It takes me back to playing with the light brite toy over at grandma’s house. Thank you!

Comment by Melissa

The rubber thing would probably work! I think a thimble might be too slippery.

Comment by metalandmud

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so cool!

Comment by kelly thompson (@kellythom747)

I wonder how colorful push pins would look for a childs room ??

Comment by Anita

Super cute! Be sure to post a pic if you do it!!

Comment by metalandmud

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Where did you get the foam board?

Comment by Leeann

Any craft store will have it. I think I got it at michaels. It would be with the poster board. Might even be able to get it at Target.

Comment by metalandmud

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It’s beautiful! This is one of those things that makes me want to jump up and start crafting it right away!

Comment by Terri

Beautiful!! I think I will try it with a “Rubber Mallet: 🙂

Comment by Luan

Ooh I love this SO much! The gold on black is fantastic! I would also love to link to your how-to in the Daily DIY if you didn’t mind.

Comment by Rachel

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I liked that very much.What a neat idea!

Comment by Victoria Madrid

Love the idea and I’m certain she was very pleased…A labor of love for sure. Now you have inspired me as well..
Thank you for sharing !

Comment by Carolyn

Love this and am trying it! However, my pins stuck straight through my foam board! Any advice?? Find a thicker foam lol?

Comment by Dena

Yup, that happened to me too. I’m pretty sure I just left it like that. You can’t tell once it’s framed and hung! But if it bothers you, I’d just put another layer of foam behind it before framing.

Comment by metalandmud

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I’m going to create a holiday version for my entry way – what an awesome idea!

Comment by Rachel Bsuby

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Did u cover foam board w/ black fabric?

Comment by Amy Hajdino

So cool want to make one!

Comment by Mary

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Comment by eeiplatform.com

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SO NICE! thanks for sharing it! 🙂

Comment by marr

OMG! I love this, you did a wonderful job!

Comment by Karen F~

[…] I was busy meeting one-on-one with people, we also had a project station. I had seen a push pin art project a while back that I thought would be fun, and we were able to gather everything we needed for it […]

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A painted canvas would look nice, and be a little easier in the thumbs!!

Comment by Marissa

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